The Team

At Midnight Sandwich Games, we’re an Unreal Engine focused outfit with a mission to design a variety of games to bring people together. Our team of two crosses the decades of the 1960s and the 1980s – fusing together in the 2000s. So, you can imagine how hallucinogenic, wacky and current our storyboarding sessions are!


The storyteller that has a Quill of Prolific Power – while devouring a Chicken Tikka sandwich at Midnight


The host architect of all that flows through the Game Design Midichlorians – while devouring a Chilli Avocado Salad sandwich at Midnight

Sometimes, the reality is too complex

A bit more about us

Tony and Cappie draw from a range of perspectives and experiences gained from their day jobs, the funny sides of life, and gaming across PCs, classic consoles, and streaming services. Tony is the Creative Technical Director, and Cappie works alongside as the Narrative Designer; together maintaining the core game development vision of fun, fantasy and magic.

Why Midnight Sandwiches?

Due to our busy day jobs, we do not get to do any development during the day. Many evenings are spent online developing our games well past midnight. We also snack lots too… hence the sandwiches 🙂

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